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Updates on Shipping Suspensions


Due to newly detected Omicron infections, apart from the already-suspended flights, Cathay Pacific has announced immediate major cuts on its flight schedule, severely impacting cargo services from Hong Kong to the USA, Canada, Australia.

These flight cuts and suspensions will remain effective until further notice.

These suspensions have a further restraint on available shipping options to international customers.
SAL (e-Express) and EMS shipping for customers in the USA, Canada, and Australia are now under suspension.

Vantage (Courier) is a new shipping option offered by the Hong Kong Post which charges by the Volumetric Weight (kg) of the package, which bumps up the shipping fee as figures are usually “heavy” in volumetric weights.

Here are the available shipping options for customers in the above countries:

-EMS Shipping (under 2kg ONLY): 2-13 business days
-Vantage (Courier): 5-10 business days
-Surface mail (SAVER by sea): 44-73 business days

-Surface mail (SAVER by sea): 40-70 business days

-Vantage (Courier): 10-16 business days
-Surface mail (SAVER by sea): 30-57 business days

Please check the notice issued by the Hong Kong Post for more details.

Please note that the above estimated delivery days are subject to delay.