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Racing Miku 2018 Ver.

Let’s take a closer look at … the world’s famous MIKU!

Racing Miku 2018 Ver.

The 2018 edition of the official character of the 2018 Hatsune Miku GT Project, Racing Miku, has arrived as a 1/7th scale figure! This year’s illustration by popular illustrator Hiro Kanzaki has been transformed into a figure packed full of impressive detail.

Her cute, mischievous expression with her tongue sticking out has also been captured in figure form. Translucent parts are utilized for her hair, giving it a somewhat see-through appearance at the ends.

The detailed sculpting of her athletic legs and stomach are two of many highlights of this figure. Be sure to add the energetic Racing Miku to your collection!

A scale figure of the official character of the 2018 Hatsune Miku GT Project!

Her painted prototype was displayed at Magical Mirai 2018 in Osaka!

Her lively pose from the original illustration has been captured in figure form!

▲Translucent parts are utilized for her hair, giving it that light appearance! ♪

The spacer currently supporting her waist cape is only temporary. When the product releases, rest assured that a proper spacer that supports Miku’s body itself will be included!

Now, let’s take a 360 degree look! (∩・∀・)∩

(So close… but that skirt and cape is an impenetrable defense…!)

At first glance Miku looks quite dainty, but her supple physique has really been sculpted in detail! ★

▲You can even see some wrinkles on her top as though the fabric is being pulled.

▲Those calves and thighs… her sensual legs are another highlight of the figure!

And her face is so cute too! ♥

The cheeky, but oh-so lovable expression that Hiro Kanzaki drew in the original illustration has been perfectly captured here as well! (*´ェ`*)

Her adorable face has been recreated without compromise!

One of my favorite parts of this figure is…

Right here, near her waist! Look at that flexibility!!!

Her stomach is sculpted to perfectly match the flow of her unique pose, giving her body a soft, relaxed appearance. This part really shows the love and attention to detail that Good Smile Company sculptor Kataharaitashi put into this figure! (・∀・)

Have fun finding all of your favorite parts about this figure when you take her home! ◎

Be sure to add the adorable songstress of the circuit to your collection!

Racing Miku 2018 Ver.

She is already available for pre-order!


Content and image credits to @gsc_kahotan