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Updates on Shipping Suspensions (Shipping options to Australia is back!)


Due to newly detected Omicron infections, apart from the already-suspended flights, Cathay Pacific has announced immediate major cuts on its flight schedule, severely impacting cargo services from Hong Kong to the USA, Canada, and Australia.

These flight cuts and suspensions will remain effective until further notice.

These suspensions have a further restraint on available shipping options to international customers.
SAL (e-Express) for customers in Canada is now under suspension.

Vantage (Courier) is a new shipping option offered by the Hong Kong Post which charges by the Volumetric Weight (kg) of the package, which bumps up the shipping fee as figures are usually “heavy” in volumetric weights.

Here are the available shipping options for customers in the above countries:

-SAL Shipping (under 2kg): 7-14 business days
-EMS Shipping: 2-13 business days
-Standard Airmail: 8-17 business days
-Surface mail (SAVER by sea): 9-15 weeks

-EMS Shipping: 2-12 business days
-Surface mail (SAVER by sea): 8-14 weeks

-SAL Shipping (under 2kg): 7-14 business days
-EMS Shipping: 2-13 business days
-Standard Airmail: 9-20 business days
-Surface mail (SAVER by sea): 6-12 weeks

Please check the notice issued by the Hong Kong Post for more details.

Please note that the estimated delivery days listed above are subject to delay.


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Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Symphony 2018-2019 Ver.

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Michiru Hyodo: Swimsuit Ver. (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend ♭)

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Nendoroid Caster/Nitocris (Fate/Grand Order)

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Nendoroid Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

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Nendoroid Ryota Kise (Kuroko’s Basketball)

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Nendoroid Shirotani Tadaomi and Nendoroid Kurose Riku (TEN COUNT)

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Nendoroid Hunter: Female Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Edition (MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD)

Today let’s look at

Nendoroid Hunter: Female Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Edition

One that has hunted the Dark Light Dragon.

From the game MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD comes an adorable Nendoroid of the Female Hunter in Xeno’Jiiva armor!

The pale blue veil has been faithfully recreated using translucent parts! (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾

Nendoroid features articulated joints in the arms, legs and ankles, enabling you to recreate all of your favorite poses from the game!

The Xeno Shmaena and a Grancathar III as seen earlier are included.

An important piece of equipment for every hunter, a carving knife is included as well!

▲That knife looks sharp, even in Nendoroid form!

As for face plates, in addition to the standard expression shown above with a tightly closed mouth, a battle expression with a slightly open mouth is also included! |・`ω・)

▲Using the special support arm, Grancathar III can easily be posed with your Hunter!

While the veil hides most of her facial features, rest assured that her whole face is clearly painted like any other Nendoroid face plate. ◎


Nendoroid Hunter: Female Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Edition DX Ver.

One that has hunted the Dark Light Dragon and has conquered the moonlight.

The DX Ver. includes interchangeable head parts, allowing you to display her without her veil!

The reliable Xeno Neqiina light bowgun is also included!

▲I love her somewhat mature short hairstyle! (・∀・)

Firing effect parts for the bowgun along with an explosion effect part are included, allowing you to recreate battle scenes from the game!

(This expression works great as a serious battle expression, but when you can see her eyes without the veil, her expression changes a bit doesn’t it? She looks a bit more startled!)

With the DX Ver., a potentially high-damaging explosive barrel is included as well! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

▲With the battle expression it looks like she’s working to move that heavy barrel! ♪

With the DX Ver., all parts from Nendoroid Hunter: Female Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Edition are included, along with the following additional parts! ( •ω•ฅ)

◆Explosion effect◆

◆Interchangeable head part (semi-short hair)◆

◆Light Bowgun: Xeno Neqiina◆

◆Firing effect◆

◆Explosive barrel◆


Both Regular and Deluxe versions are available for pre-order !


Content and image credits to @gsc_kahotan

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Nendoroid Momo Minamoto (RELEASE THE SPYCE)

Today we’ll be taking a look at Nendoroid Momo Minamoto

“Tsukikage! Let me join you!”

From the currently airing anime “RELEASE THE SPYCE” comes an adorable Nendoroid of the main character Momo Minamoto!

Her Tsukikage uniform has been carefully recreated in Nendoroid form!

▲Her scarf is articulated, allowing you to move it to match her pose!

The ninja-trained animals that help Tsukikage are included too!


▲Can be posed in Momo’s hands if you can get the balance right!


▲Easy to capture high-flying poses with the included special stand!

In addition to her smiling standard expression, she also comes with…

▲The spice in her hand…! (゚A゚;)

From the effects of the spice, her awakened expression is included as well!

As for weapon parts, she comes with the sword inherited from her masterand a smartphone gun, allowing you to recreate your favorite battle scenes!

Special skirt and leg parts are included so you can recreate scenes of Tsukikage’s spy activities! ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Have fun recreating Momo in the midst of the spy action when you take her home!

Finally, I bet you’re wondering what the third face plate is, but as written in the product description, it is currently a secret!

I wonder what expression it could be? The third face plate will be revealed at a later date, so stay tuned! ~(。・ω・。)ノ゙

Be sure to add her to your collection!

Nendoroid Momo Minamoto

She is already available for Pre-Order!


Content and image credits to @gsc_kahotan

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Nendoroid Mega Man X & Rabbit Ride Armor

Today we’ll be looking at this nendoroid…

Nendoroid Mega Man X

The hero with unlimited potential.

From the “Mega Man X” series comes an adorable Nendoroid of the Maverick hunter, Mega Man X!

The Nendoroid features a high-gloss paint job, making for an incredibly unique finish!

His feet and knees are articulated, making it easy to display him in all kinds of action poses!

This is the 7th Nendoroid from the Mega Man series!

In addition to his intense combat expression, he also comes with a smiling expression!

He’s look off to the left in this face plate, so I would recommend posing him as though he is looking over at something to the left, it really makes for a great display!

▲The raised corners of his smile are so cute!

He comes with his trusty X-Buster and effect parts to recreate it firing!

Hyper X-Blaster

Semi-Charged Shot

So, these are the included effect parts! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

▲Special stands are included for the effects as well! ◎

Be sure to add him to your collection!

Nendoroid Mega Man X

He is already up for Pre-Order!


The following item is also available for pre-order! (*ˊᵕˋ*)੭

Nendoroid More: Rabbit Ride Armor

The Rabbit Ride Armor from “Mega Man X2”!

The latest addition to the Nendoroid More series, products designed to make Nendoroids even more fun, is the Rabbit Ride Armor!

It’s been perfectly recreated in chibi form! (੭˙꒳​˙)੭

You can display Nendoroid Mega Man X riding it as shown below!

Pre-Order this Rabbit Ride Armor as well!


Content and image credits to @gsc_kahotan