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Nendoroid Lancer/Ereshkigal (Fate Grand/Order)

Today let’s take a look at Nendoroid Lancer/Ereshkigal

“Queen of the underworld, Ereshkigal!

I have been summoned and come at your request.”

Ahhh, I’ve waited so long for this…! After her appearance in Fate/Grand Order’s Seventh Singularity “Babylonia” story in 2016, one year later she made her servant debut in the Merry Christmas from the Underworld event!

And now she’s been transformed into an adorable Nendoroid!

This time around, we’ve summoned Ereshkigal in her default costume with her signature red mantle. That color really takes me back to last year’s event…

The golden decorations of her costume have been clearly sculpted!

If you look closely… you can see the bone-shaped ornaments!

Take a look at her jet black crown too! You can even see it has a glossy look to it! It’s a fitting crown for the queen of the underworld!

As for optional parts, she comes with the adorable gazelle that appears when she uses one of her skills!

▲So cute… it can also stand on its own!

Next, one of her signature spear cages is also included!

The soul effect has been included in this faithful recreation as well! The pale spirit really gives off an ominous aura.

shooting effect part is included too, which you can set her spear on!

“Over there! Don’t move!”

Translucent parts are used to give it a clean look! You can put it right on the stand base! You can also pair it with another part for an even better display…!

Parts are included to recreate her Quick attack, useful for racking up those critical stars!

That’s not an effect sheet by the way! Her spear, Meslamtaea, and the translucent pink effects have been faithfully sculpted! A special stand is also included for easy display!

Using these parts, you might even be able to recreate the story of Ishtar’s descent into the underworld!

Nendoroid Archer/Ishtar

As for face plates, in addition to her standard expression, she also comes with a flustered expression!

“Stop that! I’m trying to look cool!”

She may be the queen of the underworld, but she can get really flustered when she’s in a pinch.

Those big teardrops and her trembling mouth… her worried-looking eyebrows are cute too!

Finally she comes with a smiling expression too!

The differences between her expressions are quite extreme, and this one in particular is just so lovable!

It really shows off the sweet side of the tsundere Ereshkigal!

If you look really close…

you can see shining stars in her eyes!

Ahhh… she’s just too cute…

Be sure to add her to your collection!

Nendoroid Lancer/Ereshkigal

Guys she’s up for Pre-order !


Finally, the three of them together!!!

Nendoroid Lancer/Ereshkigal

Nendoroid Archer/Ishtar

Nendoroid Tohsaka Rin


Content and image credits to @gsc_kahotan