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Mash Kyrielight ~Dangerous Beast~ (Fate/Grand Order)

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at this beautiful beast…

Mash Kyrielight ~Dangerous Beast~

On the night of Halloween, a most dangerous beast arises…

Based on the Halloween exclusive craft essence Dangerous Beast, Mash Kyrielight has been transformed into a scale figure!

While maintaining the charm of the original illustration, Mash has been recreated in figure form in stunning detail!

▲Even her bushy tail has been carefully sculpted and painted! (ノ`・∀・)ノ

Rest assured that even the things you can’t see in the original illustration have been sculpted to perfection!

Dressed in her bold costume, Mash looks our way while doing her best beast pose. I wonder if she’s looking at her Master who just spent all of their Saint Quartz to summon her…?

▲Look at how the strap over her left shoulder is accurately sculpted to match her pose! That level of detail makes a big difference!

In the words of Fou, “The charming purple color palette is very appropriate for the Halloween season. It’s luxurious, yet promiscuous… yet somewhat innocent.”

The power of purple is truly on full display in this figure!

▲This sensual pose! The sculpting and painting really bring Mash to life! ♥

Ah, by the way! Some of you may have already noticed, but touches of pink are added in to certain parts of her costume and skin!

▲It’s probably easiest to see on her shoulder, on her tail from behind and also at her knees on her kneesocks.▼

Pink is used to represent her flushed skin, but it also serves another purpose on the costume: to clearly show the pink lighting depicted in the original illustration and the reflections from the light hitting the pink floor.

Thanks to these little details, even if you display her under normal light, the glamorous aura of the original illustration will still shine through!

Next, let’s take a look at her expression!

While she looks a little embarrassed, you can also see an expression of genuine joy in her blushing cheeks and adorable eyes! (n。 ´―`。 n)

By the way, she comes included with this fluffy pink base!

▲So fluffy…!!!

Finally, it’s hard to see the details of these tight straps on her outfit looking head on, but…

if you look from above…

Rather than a slender and delicate body type, this figure showcases Mash’s sensual, voluptuous body! This is perfect!!! (・∀・)

After all, don’t we all get a bit hungrier going into the Autumn season and the holidays? Her relaxed, curvy figure tells me that Mash probably wouldn’t usually consider wearing an outfit like this, so seeing her wearing it… it really gets my heart beating!

Be sure to check out Mash from all angles when you take her home!

Masters, be sure to summon her to your collection!

Mash Kyrielight ~Dangerous Beast~

She is already up for Pre-Order!


Content and image credits to @gsc_kahotan